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Since you have little desire to learn how to photograph well and don t want to use any of the manual capabilities of a camera the best advice for you is to save your money and get the point a. This means that if you are taking a photo of your family or friends with a bright sky behind them the camera will often underexpose the people in order to balance them with the bright sky.

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In full auto mode everything is automatic.

Full auto mode camera. The aim of this mode is to produce a crisp vivid image. Shooting mode exposure compensation flash can be set manually. Thanks don t buy an slr camera.

If you have a dslr or an adjustable compact digital camera your camera probably has an external camera mode dial that looks something like the one in this photo. In full auto mode it doesn t matter what you do to set up the shot in the end whatever the camera thinks is the appropriate exposure is what will result and that will not always jive with the creative vision you have in your head. Usually you ll find a green icon for full auto mode usually a green a or rectangle full manual mode m as well as aperture priority a or av and shutter priority s or tv.

Full auto mode records your photo using the standard picture style setting. P program mode is similar to auto mode in that the shutter and aperture settings are determined by the camera but the photographer can adjust other settings manually c some people consider it amateurish to use predetermined settings when in fact there may be times when we are in a rush and cannot adjust everything manually. The camera selects the single setting automatically so you record one image for every press of the shutter button although you can change it to a 10 second self timer or remote control.

Buy a point and shoot. The full auto mode on modern cameras is pretty intelligent though note that some camera models feature a basic full auto mode and a separate intelligent auto mode. The difference between program mode and full auto mode is that in program mode only the exposure is automatic while other camera settings e g.

Part 1 full auto the camera mode dial is full of letters and symbols. Your camera might also feature scene modes such as portrait night or macro and even some user configurable modes indicated with a u1 or u2 or c1 c2 etc. It can often correctly guess whether you are photographing a portrait or a landscape and choose appropriate settings accordingly without any involvement from you at all.

In full auto mode the camera is measuring the exposure values across the entire frame.

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