308 Semi Auto Scout Rifle

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And as a semi automatic with a 20 or so round magazine capacity a 308 semi auto will also be a good choice for tactical training and for defending your home and property against multiple attackers. Army first designed then adopted the 30 06 springfield 7 62x63mm cartridge in 1906 hence the aught six part of the title and it went on to be used in the m1903 and m1917 enfield bolt action rifles of wwi the semi auto m1 garand of.

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18 inch scout squad model and the 22 inch standard model.

308 semi auto scout rifle. The sr 762 modes have all the essential specifications that are needed for a versatile semi automatic rifle. Best 308 7 62 semi auto rifles 1. The century arms c308 is a good choice for those who need an affordable option when buying a semi auto 308.

Additionally a scout rifle is also lightweight and uses high caliber ammunition which can be used for hunting small and big game. When most experienced gunhands hear the words 308 and semi auto in the same breath their mind probably goes to the ar 10 as well it should. Most semi automatic rifles are very expensive with the majority of all high quality models in the 1k and up price range.

What is the best 308 rifle. It weighs around 8 6 pounds without attaching accessories. However it is a great 308 semi auto hunting rifle for people who want something a little more refined.

Although it shares a name with the iconic automatic rifle from world war ii this is not the same browning automatic rifle as many know and love. Those intending to do this should be looking for one of the best 308 7 62 semi auto rifles available. Scout rifles are widely used for hunting and even self defense.

Granted the 308 is not the best round for defense inside of your home because it can easily pass through each of the walls of your home and the walls of your neighbors. The springfield armory scout squad is a hard hitting 308 semi auto that accepts a forward mounted optic. A scout rifle is accurate enough to let you take down small or big game at a range of 500 yards.

At just 7 pounds the bar is a light and easy handling semi auto hunting rifle. The range and power by utilization of 7 62 51 mm nato 308 win is matchless in semi auto 308 caliber class. The ar 10 is the starting point not only for most modern battle rifles but for most western semi auto rifles in general.

With this in mind let s review a selection of 308 7 62 semi automatic rifles currently available. Jeff cooper was asked about the possibility of scout rifles being semi automatic and he was certainly not opposed but insisted on reliability. How accurate is a scout rifle.

There is hardly a more battle proven and reliable semi auto rifle than the m1 garand and the m1a. But moving things up a notch means many will also want to add a semi automatic rifle to their collection. The 4 best semi auto 308 rifles 1.

With a 308 semi automatic rifle you can do long distance target shooting go big game hunting.

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